Peskuski Design Firm was established by Jay Peskuski in 2007. Jay studied architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington where he apprenticed at a local firm and started designing custom homes at the age of 20. Since inception PDF has designed built projects across the United States and Canada. These projects range from small homes/remodels and commercial build-outs, to residences for professional athletes and full residential developments.

Floor Plans in Dallas



  • Residential Design - New Builds/Remodels/Additions
  • Residential Design-Build
  • Commercial Design - Restaurant/Build-Out/Retail
  • Construction Documentation
  • Multi-Family/Development Design & Planning
  • Renderings/Walk-Thoughs/Conceptual Design

​​Peskuski Design Firm implements a unique design process that we refer to as "considerate design". Understanding that each client/project is different, we have developed a specific process that caters to each clients needs, goals and expectations. PDF uses the latest, innovative software to communicate our designs with all clients and eliminate any guesswork and surprises; bridging the gap between the design and building phases. The result is a smooth building process that allows us to help builders and contractors market their projects, as well as help homeowners visualize and fully comprehend the designs, before and during construction.

Peskuski Design Firm distinguishes itself through identifying with clients and implementing considerate design. PDF is attentive to every clients specific needs, and creates a unique design process for each client and project. We have a client base that is primarily based on repeats/referrals, and consists of builders, contractors and home-owners. We feel that it is our responsibility to gain an understanding for each of our clients and what their needs are, and we schedule our design process to cater to each client. Whether it's meetings, scheduling or the logistics PDF adapts to the clients specific needs resulting in a smooth process. Cohesive ...

Peskuski Design Firm is a Dallas based design firm specializing in residential design. 

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